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    1. About Us
      Company Profile

            Ningbo Dechang Electrical Machinery Made Co.,LTD. founded in January 2002, is a large-scale enterprise in line with the direction of industrial development. The factory covers an area of 135 mu, with a building area of 150000 square meters. It is committed to the R & D and production of electric motors and household vacuum cleaners. Its products are mainly oriented to European and American markets. It has passed UL, CE, CCC certification and meets the requirements of RoHS and reach directives of the European Union. It is a municipal high-level enterprise in Ningbo New technology enterprise, national recognized top ten brand of vacuum cleaner motor product quality, famous trademark of Zhejiang Province, key export enterprise of Ningbo, director unit of Ningbo Intelligent Manufacturing Association. It is listed in "Ningbo high growth enterprise cultivation plan".

      The company has successfully developed more than 30 YDC series motors, with an annual production capacity of 10 million sets. In 2012, we established strategic cooperation with international famous brands to produce and research complete vacuum cleaners, with 300 full-automatic injection molding machines and other advanced supporting equipment. The vertical washing vacuum cleaner integrates the functions of vacuuming, cleaning and drying in one step, and its products have reached the world leading level, filling the gap in this industry. In 2018, the sales volume reached 1.2 billion yuan, ranking the second in the export earning of Yuyao City and the top 50 enterprises in Ningbo City. It was rated as the "top 10 export enterprises of vacuum cleaners in China". In 2019, the sales volume remained at a high level of 1.27 billion, ranking 83 in Ningbo's import and export.

      Only through constant exploration can we keep growing. The company has never stopped exploring the pace of enterprise development. In 2017, Ningbo Dechang Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary, was established to build digital workshop and intelligent factory, further expand the domestic market, and devote to the R & D and production of automobile EPS brushless motor; in 2018, it cooperated with international famous brands to develop and produce beauty and hairdressing products; in 2019, Ningbo Dechang Electrical Co., Ltd., a subsidiary, was established to enter the family health care industry and realize product diversification Development.In 2021, the company will be successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, stock code: 605555;


      Corporate Purpose