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      Bao Zongzi Daren has found it. It's actually...

      Dragon Boat Festival rice dumplings are the traditional customs of the Chinese nation since ancient times. Zongzi is a kind of Dizi. Dizi is a tribute that people use to worship God on the New Year's Day. It is an ancient traditional custom to worship God on the New Year's Day. The main materials of zongzi are rice, stuffing and leaves (or tussah leaves), which have various patterns. The custom of eating dumplings on Dragon Boat Festival, which has been prevalent in China for thousands of years, has become one of the most influential and widespread folk eating customs of the Chinese nation.


      Affection Dragon Boat Festival

      A week after the company issued a solicitation order to find the best person to make zongzi, the number of applicants reached 60. Yesterday, Dechang formally held the "Love Dragon Boat Festival" competition for zongzi. Sixty people were divided into two groups in turn. After 10 minutes of fierce competition in each group, they took the "quantity, quality, beauty and creativity" of the zongzi as their goal. The scoring criteria include 1 first prize, 3 second prize and 10 third prize. At the same time, each participant was awarded a souvenir prize.

      Pre-match preparation

      Material, prize preparation!





      Competition begins


      Two groups compete in turn, each group of 30 people, 10 minutes of competition time, everyone shows their magic. Fast can wrap more than a dozen, speed can not catch up with the quality, every dumpling is wrapped tightly, not revealing the stuffing. Because of regional differences, many people according to their home traditional wrapping method, wrapped out the shape of zongzi is very novel. After a fierce competition, we found a dumpling wrapper. In 10 minutes, she wrapped 25 dumplings, and each dumpling was beautiful in appearance and tightly wrapped, which was unanimously affirmed by the judges.

      Baozongda people

      Unravel the Mystery

      "Baozongzi Daren"

      The first



      Proxime accessit

      Xie Lingling, Liu Xingmei and Mao Jianping



      Wang Guofeng, Wu Lifen, Liao Wenju, Chen Hui, Shao Yuyan,

      Chen Caiying, Li Xuemei, Ye Qiaoxian, Dong Jianfen and Ban Wenli


      Come and taste it together


      Zongye is fragrant


           Place is not the only purpose of the competition. In the competition, it is the most important to let everyone feel the culture of Dechang and celebrate the festival together. At the end of the competition, each participant returned with a full load of prizes, souvenirs and dumplings wrapped by himself. According to the usual practice, the company also handed out Dragon Boat Festival gifts to every employee in Dechang, wishing everyone and their families a happy holiday.~

      Updated date:2022-11-19