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      The State Council twice praised Ningbo. What did Dechang electric do?

      On October 11, Ningbo intelligent manufacturing promotion site meeting was held in Yuyao. As the epitome of Ningbo manufacturing enterprises moving towards high-quality development by means of automation and intelligent transformation, our company was successively attended by relevant departments of Ningbo, leaders in charge of each district (county) and city, heads of economic and information departments of each district (county) and Development Park, and heads of some enterprises. Visit.

      Two circulars of commendation by the State Council

      Ningbo is "the most significant place in promoting stable growth, transformation and upgrading of industry and implementing technological transformation" in the State Council's commendation circular. The intelligent evolution of Ningbo Dechang Electric Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the epitome of Ningbo manufacturing enterprises moving towards high-quality development with the help of automation and intelligent transformation.

      As the leading manufacturer of vacuum cleaner motors and household vacuum cleaners in China, our company has an annual output of 10 million motors and 4.5 million vacuum cleaners. Since 2017, 120 million yuan has been invested to implement the R & D and construction of new EPS digital production line of BLDCM, so as to realize the full-automatic production process. Especially in the last part of the motor finished product detection, the AI image recognition technology is used to do "CT" for the motor, and the accuracy is far higher than that of the naked eye detection.

      On-the-spot investigation and in-depth discussion

      Huang Yuchang, chairman of the board of directors, personally received three groups of visiting and investigating personnel, including Hu wangrong, deputy secretary-general of Ningbo municipal government, Zhang Shifang, director of Ningbo Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology, Mao Pixian, deputy director of Yuyao City, and leaders of relevant departments and entrepreneurs of Ningbo City, who conducted on-the-spot explanation and in-depth discussion in the newly built digital car room of our company.


      Updated date:2019-10-16